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  Margaret Dawson CV
For more information contact: kate@artists.co.nz

1950 Born in Blenheim
Christchurch trained as a nurse married one son widowed
1978 Diploma of Fine Arts University of Canterbury
1979 Recipient of QE11 Arts Council Grant for exhibitors in The Street
1981 Graduated from Secondary School Teaching Training
1982 Worked on a photographic project About Women, Christchurch City Council
1986 Recipient of QE11 Arts Council subsidy to attend Sydney Biennale
1986 Recipient of QE11 Arts Council grant to individual artists
1991 Recipient of QE11 Arts Council grant for Creative Projects
1992 Graduated from Canterbury University with Bachelor of Arts
1993 Recipient of QE11 Arts Council Fellowship
1993 Recipient of Community Arts Council Grant for project in T’arting up town
1995 Recipient of Creative NZ funding for OCCUPATIONS
1995 Received 1st class Hons MFA at University of Canterbury
1995 Awarded the Seager Prize in Fine Arts
1995 Awarded a University Prize
1996 Received a Project Grant from Creative NZ for The Men from Uncle
1996 Recipient of Creative NZ funding for Monitor group: The Present
1996 Photographic Lecturer at the Design and Art College Christchurch
1996 Awarded the CoCA Guthrey Travel Award
1997 Photography Lecturer at Canterbury University School of Fine Arts
1998 Photography Lecturer at Canterbury University School of Fine Arts
2000 Recipient of grant for THE END in FRINGE Wellington Arts festival
Rangi Ruru Girls School Artist in Residence Feb-May
Artist for Art & Industry 2000 Biennial
William Hodges Fellow (Southland Arts residency) June-September
2001 Artist in Inaugural Christchurch Arts festival Exhibition
William Hodges Fellow July- October for two years
2002 Creative NZ New Work Grant for ‘All the King’s Men’
2003 A Photographic Lecturer at the Design and Art College Christchurch
Lives and works in Christchurch

Solo Exhibitions

1978 Locally toured on a Christchurch City Council Transport Board bus
The Red Connection
1983 Christchurch Robert McDougall Gallery About Women South Island
tour with the Southern Regional Arts Council assistance
1984 Wellington Exposures Gallery About Women
1986 Christchurch James Paul Gallery Dreams and Illusions
1986 Greymouth Gallery Dreams and Illusions
1987 Lower Hutt Dowse Art Museum Marginal Persona
1988 Christchurch Brooke Gifford Gallery Marginal Persona
1988 Auckland George Fraser Gallery Marginal Persona
1990 Christchurch Jonathan Jensen Gallery Yardbirds
1992 Palmerston North Manawatu Art Gallery Flowers, Birds, and
1992 Christchurch Jonathan Jensen Gallery Maladies
1993 Greymouth Left Bank Gallery Maladies
1993 Christchurch Ferrymead Museum Schoolhouse Where is She?
1994 Christchurch Robert McDougall Gallery Annex Amusements toured
1994 Christchurch Jonathan Jensen Gallery Under the Hill
1994 Auckland Aberhart North Gallery Cuckoo
1995 Christchurch Arts Centre OCCUPATIONS installation Places where
the Homeless Sleep
1996 Christchurch High Street Project Gallery OVER
1996 Christchurch Jonathan Smart Gallery 13 Men from Uncle
1996 Auckland Aberhart North Gallery Under the Hill
1997 New Plymouth Govett Brewster Gallery OVER
1997 Palmerston North Manawatu Gallery OVER
1997 Palmerston North Manawatu Gallery The Men from Uncle
1998 Dunedin Hocken Library The Men from Uncle
1998 Napier Hawkes Bay Museum The Men from Uncle
1998 Masterton Wairarapa Arts Centre The Men from Uncle
1998 Christchurch Jonathan Smart Gallery New Men from Uncle
1998 Christchurch Jonathan Smart Gallery Recital
1998 Melbourne Australian Centre Contemporary Art The Men from Uncle
2000 Christchurch Rangi Ruru Girls School Installation "A Room Of One’s Own’"
2000 Invercargill Southland Art Gallery: Burwell House: The Men from Uncle & THE
2000 Wellington Photospace Gallery The Men from Uncle
2001 Blenheim Millennium Gallery The Men from Uncle
2002 Wellington Photospace Another Hanging of Ned Kelly (Amusements)
2002 Hamilton The Waikato Museum of Art & History Looking for the Golden Carp a
and Bryndwr Lakes
2002 Invercargill Southland Museum & Art Gallery The Out of Sight Art & Craft
2002 Oamaru Forrester Gallery "A Room of One’s Own"
2002 Blenheim Millennium Gallery "A Room of One’s Own"

Selected Group Exhibitions

1979 Christchurch Robert McDougall Gallery The Street
1980 Wellington Photo Forum Gallery The Street
1985 Christchurch CSA Gallery Dreams and Illusions
1986 Wellington Arts Festival Visual Diaries
1986 Nelson Bishop Suter Art Gallery The Self National Tour
1986 Wellington National Art Gallery Shed 11 Content Context
1988 Auckland Peter Webb Galleries Amnesty International Art Auction
1989 Christchurch CSA Gallery Nicarahua Must Survive Art Auction
1989 Dunedin Marshall Seiffert Art Gallery Women Artists Response
1989 Canterbury Belles national tour
1989 Wellington City Art Gallery Imposing Narratives national tour
1990 Dunedin Public Art Gallery In the Forest of Dreams The Moet and
Chandon Art Foundation national tour
1990 Wellington City Art Gallery Now See Hear national tour
1990 Wanganui United/Sargeant Gallery Photographic Award
1990 Auckland George Fraser Gallery Eye to Eye
1991 Lower Hutt Dowse Art Museum Milk and Honey
1991 Wellington City Art Gallery Inheritance
1991 Christchurch CSA Gallery Raising the Curtain
1992 Christchurch Jonathan Jensen Gallery Crush
1992 Wellington City Art Gallery Home Made Home
1992 Christchurch Robert McDougall Gallery Prospect Canterbury
1993 Christchurch Jonathan Jensen Gallery Paper Works
1993 Christchurch Robert McDougall Gallery White Camellias
1993 Nelson Bishop Suter Art Gallery Women from the North of the South
1993-4 Wellington and Auckland City Art Gallery Alter/Image
1993 Christchurch CSA Gallery Image and Issue
1993 Christchurch Journeys Canterbury Women Artists Calendar Map of
Open Studios, Group House, and Exhibitions
1993 Christchurch Community Arts Project for empty shop windows
T’arting up town
1993 Wellington National Art Gallery Perspectives
1994 Christchurch SIAP Tales Untold; Unearthing Christchurch Histories
temporary installations
1994 Dunedin Public Art Gallery
1994 Christchurch Prostrate Canterbury High Street Project Gallery
1994 Christchurch CSA From Stimulus to Style
1994 Wanganui Sargeant Gallery Taking Stock of the Nineties
1994 Christchurch CSA FAX ABOUT ART
1995 Canterbury School of Fine Art Gallery Everyday Pathomimesis
1995 Christchurch Arts Centre OCCUPATIONS installations
1995 Auckland Museum Currency-Contemporary Photographic Art
1995 Christchurch High Street Project Gallery Advent
1995 Christchurch CSA Christmas Show Anything Goes
1996 Auckland Lopdell House Gallery Titirangi IDENTIKIT
1996 Christchurch High Street Project Gallery Fundraiser
1996 Christchurch Jonathan Smart Gallery Zoological
1996 Christchurch CSA -CoCA Figuring Narrative
1996 Christchurch The Physics Room Monitor videos
1996 Christchurch High Street Project Gallery Stocking Xmas Show
1996 Christchurch Jonathan Smart Gallery Collected Intimacies
1997 Christchurch CoCA The Art of Death, Aesthetic Departures
1997 Christchurch High Street Project Xmas Show
1998 Christchurch University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts
Gallery Staff Show
1998 Christchurch Robert McDougall Art Gallery Recent
1998 Christchurch CoCA Picturing History
1998 Sydney Australian Centre of Photography Close Relations
1998 Canterbury Otira ‘Oblique’
2000 Wanganui Te Wa The Space The Photo Show
2000 Christchurch Robert McDougall Art Gallery Art Event
2001 Wellington People's centre Art Auction
2001 Stewart Island & Southland Museum & Art Gallery Rakiura touring
2001 Christchurch CoCA Christchurch Arts festival Exhibition Dark Plain
2002 Southland Riverton Hall The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show
2002 Lower Hutt Dowse Gallery The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show
2002 October Melbourne Arts Festival
2003 Feb Wellington Peter McLeavey Gallery ‘Victory Over Death’
2003 Christchurch Canterbury Museum & SOFA The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show
2003 Waitakere City: Titirangi Lopdell House The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show
2003 Masterton Wairarapa Museum and Arts The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show
2004 March The Triennial Auckland City Art Gallery Public / Private
‘The Men from Uncle’,& ‘All the King’s Men’
2004 Nelson The Suter Gallery April/May The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show
2004 Oamaru The Forrester Gallery June/July The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show
2004 Timaru The Aigantghe Gallery June/July ‘...shot over summer’
2004 Ashburton Art Gallery August The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show

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Radio Interviews

1983 with Helen Holmes on Community Arts
1986 with Helen Holmes on National Arts
1994 with Deborah Nation on National Arts
1995 with Ruth Todd on Plains FM
1998 with Moira Raut on Plains FM

Television Interviews

1994 with Grant Mangin CTV news illus. with the Stimulus to Style
exhibition CSA Christchurch
2001 The Big Art Trip on TV1
2000 Southland Television about the Artist in Residence William Hodges Fellowship
2001 Southland Television about The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show


Bank of New Zealand Wellington
Dunedin Public Art Gallery
Manawatu Art Gallery Palmerston North
National Art Gallery Wellington
Private Collections nationally
Robert McDougall Art Gallery Christchurch
Sargeant Gallery Wanganui
Social Welfare Department Wellington
University of Canterbury FMST; ARTH; F.A.Library Christchurch
University of Otago Hocken Library
Waikato Art Museum Hamilton

Collaborative Work

1979 from the McDougall Art Gallery Christchurch
with Electronic Composer: Chris Cree Brown an installation at the
BNZ Cathedral Square funded by the Christchurch City Council
1996/7 With Painter Kirsty Gregg exhibited at CoCA Gallery Chch and
at the Jonathan Smart Gallery Christchurch
1998 Christchurch Jonathan Smart Gallery with Kirsty Gregg Betwixt
2001 & orchestrated With 10 Southland Artists, one Otago and another Canterbury
Artist The Out of Sight Art & Craft Show


Work in Process 1992 collaboratively with Colleen Anstey based on the
making of Autographism and Cataphasia

Everyday Outlaws 1994 For Amusements with Janene Knox

The Present 1996 For Monitor at the Physics Room Gallery Chch
collaboratively with Janene Knox and Kirsty Gregg

Click here for information about Margaret's latest work.


Margaret J Dawson
email: m.dawson@ext.canterbury.ac.nz